When it comes to piano moving, nothing is more complicated than relocating an upright or grand piano. They are oversized and heavy, and they require a team of at least two or more to move them.Grand Piano

Begin by assembling a team of helpers. It’s best to have a five-person crew for moving 6’ or longer grand pianos. Or you can ask for help from the professionals at Charleston Baby Grand Piano Moving.

Unlike the majority of items in your home, moving a grand piano requires significant muscle power and specialized equipment. The best tools for the job include a dolly, straps, and padding in the form of professional moving blankets or pads. A ramp can also be helpful for getting the piano into and out of a vehicle.

Before you begin the moving process, gather a team of five people and ensure that all necessary supplies are on hand. The dolly used for a grand piano is different from those used for uprights, and it requires extra caution when maneuvering it over long distances or thick carpet. If possible, measure doorways and staircases beforehand to determine whether the piano will fit. If not, prepare the area by clearing a wide pathway and adding padding to reduce the risk of damage to floors and doors.

Once the piano is prepared, cover it with blankets and tape to protect it from scratches during transport. You can also wrap the keys and pedals separately and remove them for safety reasons. Once the instrument is covered, assemble the dolly and skid board and load them into a truck or vehicle. If the instrument has to be rolled up stairs, make sure that ramps and lifting straps are in place and that additional help is available if needed.

Skid Board

The skid board is a special padded board used to lay grand pianos on their sides so they can be transported safely. You can purchase these at most furniture moving companies and some hardware stores. However, you can also make one at home. To do this, start by getting a piece of plywood. This should be at least three feet long. Apply a thin layer of wood glue to the top of the board, then lay another piece on it. Allow this to dry for about 24 hours before using.

Before putting the piano on the skid board, you should position two people at each end of it. These people should hold the ends of the straps and help lift it onto the furniture dolly. Once the piano is on the dolly, it should be secured to it with the help of the ratchet straps. It is important not to lift the piano by its legs, as this can damage them. Once the piano is securely on the skid board, it can be wheeled to its destination within the house.

When preparing to move a grand or baby grand piano, it is recommended that you start by gathering a team of at least four people who can help you. This number will ensure that everyone has a turn carrying the piano. It will also ensure that the piano is not dragged, which can cause serious damage to it.

In addition to the team of four, you should also have a couple of tools to help you with your move. You will need a dolly that can support the weight of the piano, and you should also have some moving blankets to protect it from scratches and scrapes. You can purchase these at most hardware and home improvement stores, or you can rent them from furniture moving companies such as U-Haul, Budget Truck Rental, and Penske Truck Rental.


The piano dolly is a great way to transport the piano to and from the truck, but once it gets on the truck, you will need straps to keep it in place during transit. These straps can be rented from moving truck rental outfits and are specifically designed to move heavy items like grand and baby pianos. These straps have ratchets with durable rubber handles that fit around the top and bottom of the piano. These ratchet straps help prevent the piano from sliding or tipping during transportation.

Before the move, map out the route and measure doorways, staircases, and hallways to ensure that the piano will fit. Also, remove anything from the area that could be a trip hazard or cause damage during the move. This includes furniture, boxes, and other items. It is important to take your time during the move and not rush. This will help to reduce injury to you and your team as well as avoid costly damages to the piano or other items in the home.

If you are moving a grand or baby grand piano, the legs and pedals will need to be dismantled. They should be wrapped in furniture blankets and secured with tape to ensure that they do not come loose during the move. Then they should be stored in a safe and accessible location where they can be accessed when needed in the future.

Once you are ready to load the piano into the truck, make sure that the dolly is securely attached to the ratchet straps. Then roll the piano onto the truck ramp with two people. Once the piano is in the truck, secure it with the ratchet straps again to prevent it from rolling or sliding during transit.


Because pianos are heavy and delicate, relocating them requires a significant amount of muscle power and specialized equipment. In addition to a furniture dolly, you will need a ramp and padded moving blankets. A specialized piano board or piano skid is also necessary and can be rented from a moving company or purchased online. You will also need a large moving truck to transport the instrument. Before you start your move, take accurate measurements of the space where you plan to store and transport the piano. Measure doorways, corners, landings, and staircases to ensure that the piano will fit. This will help avoid any surprises during the process and save time.

Before you begin the actual move, have at least four people on hand to assist. It is important to have a full team to reduce the risk of injury to everyone involved and damage to your piano. A couple extra hands can be used as spotters to guide the piano through doors and navigate corners.

If you are relocating an upright piano, you will need to cover the keyboard, pedals, and music rack with moving blankets, taping them securely in place. You will also need to remove the legs from the piano and wrap them individually in blankets, taping them in place. It is important to never lift a piano by its legs, as this can cause severe damage.

Once the piano is covered with blankets, have two people stand on each end and slide the furniture dolly under it. Position the piano on the dolly, taking care to keep it level and balanced as you move it. Then, use the straps to secure it to the dolly. Once the piano is safely secured, slowly move it through the house and into the truck.

Moving Truck

You’ll need a large, sturdy moving truck to transport the piano. This can be rented from a moving company. Depending on your location, the price of the rental will vary. Additional charges may be added for going up or down stairs.

If you decide to hire a professional moving service, it’s important to communicate the piano’s details clearly to avoid any surprises. This includes the size, weight, and type of piano. You should also provide a schedule and detailed descriptions of obstacles that will be encountered during the move. This information will help the movers estimate how long it will take to get the piano to its final destination.

Before the piano is loaded into the truck, the movers should remove the legs and music rack from the instrument. They should also wrap the bench in a blanket, making sure to cover it completely. The movers should then tape the blankets in place. After the piano is securely loaded, it should be tied down with ratchet straps to prevent it from shifting during transit.

It’s also a good idea to clear pathways and remove any furniture or boxes that could interfere with the movement of the piano. This will reduce the risk of damage to your home or the piano itself. Lastly, make sure that your children and pets are out of the way during the move. The last thing you want is for them to trip over the piano or cause it to fall over.

Professional movers have the experience and equipment to safely transport a piano. They can also disassemble the piano if necessary and provide padded crates for storage or shipping. They can also track the piano’s progress with their online shipment tracking tool.